• Bland!
  • I don't like salt and never use it in any recipe i cook. sooo....i think life would be the same for me. i didn't grow up w/a salt shaker on the table...i just never use it. foods have it naturally.
  • People could survive, but it would be hard. Some animals couldn't survive at all. If animals die, then it would affect all other animals because an animal specie could be a food source for other animal species. Some species eat only salt too, so they would be affected also. Salt is also like a mineral, so it could be used for gases, propane, diesel, and other things. It would affect the water fish because well "salt water". And it would affect salt springs. Without salt springs, people could not drink fresh, healthy water because most water plantations get their water from springs. And you couldn't use salt for baths. When you really think about it, salt is almost
  • essential
  • I couldnt even imagine, that is just crazy talk.
  • Wouldn't be life. It's necessary for life to sustain itself.
  • Pretty sweet (get it?!?!?!) :)
  • I would hate it . I prefer savoury and spicy.## Too much sweet can be nauseating
  • It would need a little something...yeah, I didn't even try.
  • It would be like tasteless french fries, that's what.
  • "Hyponatremia (British: hyponatraemia) is an electrolyte disturbance (disturbance of the salts in the blood) in which the sodium (Natrium in Latin) concentration in the plasma is too low (hypo in Greek; in this case, below 135 mmol/L). Severe or rapidly progressing hyponatremia can result in swelling of the brain (cerebral edema), and the symptoms of hyponatremia are mainly neurological." "Most patients with chronic water intoxication are asymptomatic, but may have symptoms related to the underlying cause. Severe hyponatremia may cause osmotic shift of water from the plasma into the brain cells. Typical symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache and malaise. As the hyponatremia worsens, confusion, diminished reflexes, convulsions, stupor or coma may occur. Since nausea is, itself, a stimulus for the release of ADH, which promotes the retention of water, a positive feedback loop may be created and the potential for a vicious circle of hyponatremia and its symptoms exists." Source and further information:
  • Boring, flat, no bright flavors, as if something were missing, and many things just couldn't be possible, especially preserving many foods.
  • Pepper would be lonely.
  • Salt-less...
  • as my old daddy would said food is tasteless without salt
  • Life without arguments!
  • There would be a lot less bloated people in the world!
  • I could drink from the ocean without getting that burning, awful, scratchy sensation in my throat. :D

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