• Yes you sure do
  • I hope so.
  • Yes. And usually some form of BLET. Basic Law Enforcement Training.
  • You need a high school diploma to do practically anything anymore. A safe bet would be YES -.-
  • Three Steps for Becoming a Police Officer Graduating from High School: Nearly all departments require police officer candidates to be high school graduates. Some police departments hire graduates directly out of high school as clerks or cadets, but these trainees usually must wait until the age of 20 to become full officers. Completing College-Level Training: Many postsecondary institutions offer associate or bachelor's degree programs in law enforcement, criminal justice or related fields, helping future police officers gain theoretical knowledge to complement their practical training. Although not every department requires it, aspiring police officers usually have better chances for attaining positions if they have finished some college-level courses or a college degree. Attending a Police Academy: Police officers must complete a period of professional training in subjects such as community patrolling, ethics, firearms, arrest protocols and first aid before they can begin law enforcement work. The majority of large police departments maintain their own police academies, but police officers in smaller departments often train at regional academies that are shared between several jurisdictions. http://education-
  • At a bare minimum you will need a high school diploma. Some college level criminal justice classes are preferable.

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