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  • I have been searching the internet for places to get NON FSC is what I come up with. This place has lots of good comments about them in blogs over the net. You can get NON FSC cigs like Marlboro, Camel, Parliament, Winston, Salem, Newport, and all the most popular brands WITHOUT Fire Safe Paper. Anyone looking for the cigs without the FSC is your answer: Glad to help out, others pointed me to them and now I am a happy NON-FSC smoker again.......ENJOY! maybe this will help out others as well........ Buy NON FSC Cigarettes here:
  • FSC's suck! I don't know what's in em but they are horrible. I get Non Firesafes plain ol Marlboro Reds at and they're only $25 per carton delivered. Screw FSC, the corrupt tobacco companies and State govt's!

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