• Often true but not always.
  • Always true - at least for me. I think that people who are conscious enough will embark on a spiritual journey throughout life with the hope of being more connected to the Universe and a deeper meaning for life. A huge part of this awakening is understanding the role of ego and learning how to surrender it. Ego is an unconscious construct that fights for its survival by tricking people into thinking it is necessary. This is how the desire to be "right" can trump the needs of someone loved in a relationship. This is how stubbornness and negative emotions take root and build foundations that are toxic and malicious. "Ego" in one sense means "I" - but it is not just about "I". When you study various thinkers and philosophies, "ego" is actually something much more meaningful. When you surrender to the Universe, embrace the moment completely, and consciously understand yourself with regard to this world, ego dissipates. When it does, being right takes a back seat to having a flowing, communicative, egoless relationship. This not only fosters respect, it also creates a level of intimacy and understanding that exceeds simply being right.
  • very true..most of the times i apologize for blowing up over an issue that i still think i'm right about..i say sorry because of the way it was handled and how out of control it got..AND i would rather have a good relationship with him and show him i know how to calm everything down
  • It's just another stupid saying to me. I can see how someone would like it, though. It looks good. An apology should be because you mean it -- not because you hope to gain something out of it! Apologizing in order to keep the peace is NOT a true apology. It's just another way of saying "Well, I don't want to fight with you, so I'm going to sweetly talk my way out of it because I'd rather keep the peace." Yeah, to me the quote is utter bullshit. Did I destroy it? Oh well. I still stand by what I just said.
  • It may be true some situations, but if the othe person is truly wrong, the issue may be revisited over and over. Although it doesn't always work in personal relationships, my general rule is: Truth trumps.
  • Basically it means you want to stop arguing.
  • i think its true
  • Wrong thinking!

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