• If there are covenants in the HOA agreement that ban outdoor displays, both the kind that are implanted in the ground (pink flamingos, garden gnomes, flagpoles, etc) and the kind that are attached to the house (wreaths, Christmas lights, wall-mount flagpoles, flags hung from hooks in the siding or eaves, etc), then you need permission (get signed and dated in writing, preferably notarized) of the HOA to display a flag on your own property. This is just one reason not to buy into property where HOA (House Nazis) have a say in how you use your property.
  • State of Arizona has passed a law stating flags can be flown. Our association is determining size and placement, so we have consistency.
  • Not unless your condo is in Russia.
  • The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 was signed into law July 24, 2006. It basically states that homeowners associations can't prevent residents from displaying the United States flag on residential property within the association — with certain restrictions. However, the act does not mention limitations on flagpoles.
    • mushroom
      You'll have to also consult your State law, but this Federal law allows a flag to be displayed on your own property. State laws and association bylaws may restrict you to one such display, limit the size and or location (i.e. within a certain distance from your unit).
  • Very possibly yes. It totally depends on what the condo or HOA rules are.

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