• Yes, but it is very difficult in one go. But, there are negative long term side effects that are the result of mushroom use. Flashbacks, and slower mental processing. If you are using mushrooms more than once a month at doses of over a gram, you have something to worry about. One of my family members works in a drug rehabilitation centre and says that the one drug that people don't recover from is shrooms. Peoples brains just don't recover. Pretty scary considering how many drugs are out there.
  • It's possible, but furthermore, you have to remember that drug use affects your faculties and judgement. Driving, for example... a piece of steel that weighs nearly three tons, going at 45mph... is dangerous enough without having drugs/alcohol in your system. People have also done things under the influence of drugs because they lost their faculties. For example, people under the effects of LSD imagine that they can fly while they're "tripping," and jump out of 20 story buildings.
  • yes, but the shrooms wont kill you, you will end up doing something tht kills you
  • no one has ever died from shrooms but poeple have died from running out of cars and shit but get someone that has done it be for and no's wat ones at good and bad because one in 10 at bad but they are a bit of fun so go for it but ecstasy is better
  • no u are all wrong bc shrooms r the shit..
  • No. You can't die from taking too much shrooms nor will you get addicted to shrooms; however, you can take a lot of shrooms and do something stupid...
  • No, you won't die just from the shrooms. Course you could do something stupid while on them, and die, but I doubt that's what you're asking. But get a lot in you (especially if it's Psilocybe) and it can get scary.
  • my boyfriend wants to use shrooms on 4/20. if he does, i don't think we are going to get along that day. i read answers to these type of questions and i've seen clips of people on shrooms...i don't care that it's's hard core. weed is one thing but shrooms is whole other that makes you do stupid crap that could cost his life or someone else's.
  • its possible

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