• Just about everything. Parents, sibling, spouse, location, everything.
  • I would have stood up to my old man and I would be in a better position today. I was too easy going maybe too scared.
  • my unemployment status, tired of being out of work
  • I would change my education from childhood till university
  • Wow, REALLY old recycled question!!! I'd change NOTHING! And I've been through some shit! (including but not limited to: child abuse, including sexual abuse, spousal abuse, divorce, loosing my grandson, depression, medical disabilities, homelessness and cancer) But I believe everything I have endured was for a reason, to learn, to be strengthened, to grow empathy, to prepare me for my callings and missions in life. To help and encourage others through it when their time comes, to set an example, or even to raise a survival statistic, by doing my best to do what I can. My only regret is that I didn't do better when I could have.
    • Creamcrackered
      Have you ever written about your life Linda, because I think it could help people who have or are in the same circumstances?
    • Linda Joy
      Only bits and pieces online. I keep my family and friends updated with my medical issues on FB. And I openly discuss issues because others may be going through it and they need to know its o.k to talk about it. It helps the healing process. I have been asked many times to write it down, and I want to, but I lack the discipline. I need to do it at least for my progeny before I forget it all! lol
  • My health, I often feel trapped by it, I have all the will, but less of the way and that can be extremely frustrating, especially considering I was always very active.
    • Linda Joy
      So true! One of my docs compared losing functionality and abilities due to health issues to grieving the loss of a loved one when they pass.
  • My husband wouldn't have died!!!

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