• I always buy the parts and put it together myself. If you're not so inclined, pay someone to do it for you. The ready-mades can't be trusted for quality parts and include too much crapware.
  • that first answer is just way wrong if you got money, its a Mac if not, get an Hp desktop, im using one rite now or dell, do some reasearch
  • I wish had the cash for a Vaio laptop
  • DUDE--- get a DELL!
  • HP have some very good computers, for all price ranges click it→
  • I'm happy with my last purchase. HP Pavilion Slimline s7320n PC. It is rumored in these parts that a laptop may be in someones furture. I like this one. HP HDX 18t Premium series.
  • Here's a tip. Save about a grand and build one. a sie like this will get u cheap parts. Putting it together yourself will save you LOADS, and YOU decide what is in it without crazy costs.

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