• Stop giving them gifts.
  • Keep giving!!
  • is it your boyfriend ? i have that problem. i still get him gifts i just dont put any thought in to it atall anymore. cuz it really sucks wen you have put your all in to getting the perfect gift . and he turns around and says he doesnt like the paper you have wrapped it in >:( next time buy somthing not so good save some of the money and buy somthing for yourself :)
  • Stop giving them gifts
  • Give them a gag gift
  • Ask them if they like the gifts and if there is something else they would prefer. Then you'll know. Sometimes people are too shy to show effusive appreciation. And sometimes they appear to take it for granted but would be terribly upset if you left them out. And if it's a teenager, they probably love it and loathe to show it.
  • Feel hurt but not say anything....
  • I will feel bad for them and my self but very happy 5 seconds later so I know that is one less on my next years list of gifts... Haha.
  • I wouldnt give them any more gifts let them start appreciating u and until they do i wouldnt get them ish. Do they give u gifts? and if so what kinds of gifts?
  • Figure out what his/her love language is. Some people would rather have affection, touching, compliments, or spend time with than gifts. I know that I would. Read the book "The 5 Languages of Love"
  • Ask for a Christmas list so that you do get them something they will appreciate.
  • That giving gifts is not really the answer, and probably something they evidently do not need anyhow.
  • I get the a gift certificate and let them find their own.
  • Almost everyone on my Christmas list is getting a card, with a note saying I'm donating money in their name to a chairty (Autism support groups). You don't have to mention to them how much you gave, just that you gave. My mom is very much this way - to where, no matter what I get her it's never quite right...or it ends up sitting in her garage collecting dust. I gave her a scrapbook once, of the kids and she glanced through it, and it ended up sitting at the bottom of her closet...I think it's still there as I type.
  • I have a few people in my family like, that , Im so tempted to give them the gift of they are gifts that you purchase ;say a goat, pay for it, but the family member get a voucher instead, the goat is for a village in South Africa ( for example), its a gift of life for a lot of villages in countires like that, there are many gifts you can purchase, , water wells, building materials, clothing gifts etc.:)
  • Stop with the giving already.
  • ha...I went to my sister's house, and she had a box of stuff she was giving to Good Will, and there was a beautiful expensive flower vase in there that I had given her for her birthday a few years back.....I was stunned, but shook it off and just forgot about it. I don't give her expensive gifts anymore, just gift cards. I have learned to let it go, once I give it away, that it is the giving that is important, not the gift. I get gifts I don't really like either.
  • Aw. I don't like it when people are like that. :( But if they don't appreciate it, then well.. stop and see what they have to say. Maybe they'll appreciate the gifts more once you've stopped giving them ;) You don't know what you've got till you lose it kind of thing :)

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