• After the first one... you learn the drill of the legal in's and outs.... You realize that you can escape one bad situation and then get into another. There are some people who "cannot" be alone and they jump from one bad relationship into a new one they hope will be better without actually doing their homework.
  • nah, just means you someone is bad at picking the right person & tends to jump in without really knowing someone then they realize once they are married they are not who they thought they were & they don't want to spend the rest of their life married to this person. Then they get horny & pick another one without thinking or they are good at making bad choices.
  • Possibly, but not certain. I mean one divorce ok, 2 possibly bad luck, 3 that's pushing it, 4 or more...dude look in the mirror.
  • It could also be a sign that monogamy is not for you. This is one of the arguments in favor of polygamy/polyamory. If everybody loves (or at least tolerates) everybody else then there are no tensions that would lead to a divorce.
  • Not necessarily, but it may be a sign that there are some issues that need to be resolved or skills that need to be learned before the next attempt.
  • It's his/her Destiny! No one can do anything about that!
  • They are certainly one possible set of indicators. But not a definitive ones by themselves.
  • So what’s wrong with multiple marriages/divorces anyway? Celebrities have been doing it for years. My Mom divorced my dad for her lover when I was two. She’s one husband ahead of Liz Taylor now and still going strong. (She’ll turn 50 in a couple of months) All my close girlfriends have been through multiple marriages/divorces. Is serial marrying an addiction? I think it quickly becomes an addiction. If not an addiction it certainly becomes the byproduct of extramarital affairs which are about as addictive as heroin. So many more women are involved in extramarital affairs today I think the affairs are largely responsible for huge increase in women with multiple marriages/divorces. Women no longer sit back and suffer in loveless marriages. They see someone they want they go after him. And yes it oftentimes involves divorce and remarriage. I think men are having affairs and remarrying as they’ve done for centuries. Women on the other hand are evolving and attitudes have changed drastically about marriage/affairs/divorce. Kelly
  • relationship disorder maybe
  • Another factor to consider is that there is a growing trend away from the institution of marriage. For the first time in history, in 2006 the number of single women, age 15 to 70, in the US surpassed the number of married women. I consider it to be more of an expression of free choice than a personality disorder as I am one of those singles.
  • i think there are many variables and reasons . +5
  • It could be a sign of many things. Mainly though .. I think it's a sign of someone making bad choices and not learning from them. It's probably based on unhappiness and wanting to "fix" that by always needing someone to make you happy. In reality .. YOU are the only one who can make yourself happy. You can't rely on others for that.

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