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  • Although Microsoft seems to be the main player in home computing, it is not in fact the most widely used. The Linux kernal system is, Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development; typically all the underlying source code can be freely modified, used, and redistributed by anyone. It cannot get viruses, does not crash or cause problems, and everyone using it can make recommendations for moderation. Linux is the operating system behind many mobile phones, traffic computers, airport computers, tilling operations, factory systems, and other coputerised devices which do not need a desktop in the same way windows is. Linux offers various desktop home systems too, although this is a relatively small part of their market. Linux is also very compatible to all languages and alphabets in the world. The biggest global companies using Linux are Sony, Google, IBM, Boeing, Merrill Lynch, Remax, People Soft, Byte, Cisco, Credit Suisse, International* Commercial Bank of China, Dreamworks and another 717 major businesses can be found at
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      The only thing wrong with Linux is that you can not find information about how to do any of the things you are supposed to be able to do with it. I paid forty bux for a book titled "Ubuntu Linux Bible" and it did not tell me even one fact that was not in the automated help screens. I had the Java packet on my desktop for a year and a half while I searched to find instructions on how to install it. (Unpack the file, enter the folder, click 'INSTALL'.) If your graphics card dies, your computer is useless; you have to reinstall the system after you replace the card. Supposedly you can replace the driver software from the command line, but in fact nobody knows how to do it. The instructions that I found ran 39 pages, and the first command did not exist in my system. If you ask for help, you mostly only get pity for not being a "nuts and bolts type". Well, I am a "nuts and bolts type" and I finally gave up and switched to Windows XP. You can get information on how to do things when you use Windows.
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