• I walk through it.
  • I highlight it for future reference
  • I move on to the next chapters, but review this one from time to time. It's like driving a car. You spend most of your time looking and driving ahead, but sometimes you need to look back and even back up. Don't forget the problems of the past or you will forget the lessons. Don't live in them either or you will never progress. Balance is the key. Look ahead and only glance back when it helps.
  • Review brainstorm a solution move to the next chapter take a moment and knock the tough spot out :)
  • I read it a few times then I try to study the meaning and the underlying implication(s) of it. Sometimes by revisiting something we can more easily read between the lines.
  • I set the story down and think about where it is headed and what I can do to improve the out come.
  • First thing I do is set myself to work through it. Second thing I do is marshall my resources. Third thing I do is draw up a plan of attack. Forth thing I do is use the resources to implement my plan. If that doesn't work, I try to build a bridge over it. If that doesn't work, I generally hunker down, focus on the small things in life, and wait it out. : )
  • I read it over and over and over and over ... !! If I could not do it .. I ask someone to help me read it !!
  • I keep reading until I figure it out.
  • Turn it as soon as I can. Reading it over and over slows you down and gets you nowhere. Tearing it out doesn't erase why bother? :)
  • Live it, turn it, forget it.
  • Turn it and move on.
  • When I reach a tough chapter in my life, I read the page over and over again until i reach a solution to the problem. I leave the page in the book- knowing that i can one day turn back to it only to see how i overcame my problem. I learn from my past mistakes and problems. We have to remember that our minds do not function as books. Although we can push things to the back of our minds, we cannot tear them out like pages of a book. We have to find ways to get over them. We can turn the page and skip over that problem, but the page is still in the book...and can be turned back to when needed. A book with all of its pages is more useful than a book with pages torn out.
  • i read the page over and over for a couple days..then i turn it..then after i passed three chapters i go back to it and read it over again..thats my cycle..not healthy but it is what it is
  • i leave that chapter out
  • I may read the page once more to make sure I'm understanding things properly, then I'll continue....knowing the whole time that I can always go back to re-read anything I'm wondering about. Getting stuck isn't good, so I wouldn't spend long reading the page again. -Chels
  • i try to get through that particular chapter as smoothly as possible, and then not look back at it

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