• Japan, more than China. The Japanese have been exporting a lot to the US while putting restrictions on imports from the US. They have built up a formidable balance of payment in their favor. I wonder what game they are playing. They will not tell us. And guesswork is risky.
  • Ethically, pretty much any country which it has invaded or has paid a dictator to rule. But like they'll ever pay compensation.
  • I don't know..but I know a couple of countries who owe us money from decades ago:)
  • Well Japan, China, Germany, Korea, Australia, and several others. But many other countries owe us money as well.
  • how can you say us is the richest country in the world if they owe money from other country....
  • As of November 19, 2008, the total U.S. federal debt was $10.6 trillion. The US debt in the hands of foreign governments is 25% of the total. This latest figures show the following debts: China - $585 bilion Japan - $573.2 billion UK - $338.4 billion Carribean - $185.3 billion Oil Exporters - $182.2 billion Brazil - $141.9 billion Luxembourg - $91.8 billion Russia - $69.7 billion Hong Kong - $60.9 billion Norway - $52.2 billion Switzerland - $49 billion Germany - $41.4 billion Korea - $36.1 billion Mexico - $34.2 billion Turkey - $31.3 billion and the list goes on. Although due to the globalisation of economics many countries are in huge debts also. In February 2008 it was reported that the US national debt equates to $30,400 per person. If you want more info theres plenty on the internet concerning national debt and the reasons behind credit. Hope that helps.

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