• I'm an Instructional Assistant in English as a Second Language at the high school level in the United States.
  • (((raising hand)))) I am a speech therapist in the schools, I work with students from age 3 to 21 I teach kids with communication disorders how to be able to communicate, to others, their needs and wants! United States
  • I teach adult literacy on a volunteer basis at a local community college in the United States.
  • I'm a teacher, but not in the traditional sense. I am a sex/sexuality educator in the United States. I've worked with every age from adolescents to elderly. I'm most commonly hired by community centers, women's centers, HIV/AIDS organizations, LGBTQ organizations, etc.
  • I am a retired teacher...I taught mainly industrial education and also aircraft airframe mechanics. age range ran from about 12 or 13 up into their 60's. In the USA

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