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  • it depends if your gagging because of the taste or if you are gagging because it spurts out and it hits the back of your throat. if it's the taste, try having him eat acidy fruits like citrus fruits... if it's because you don't expect the ejaculation then try sucking it out of him before he pumps it into you. that way it wont be a surprise to you and he will love the feel of his sperm being ripped out of him. it's awsome. just make sure that it's right when he is about to cum.
  • You're probably getting squirted somewhere sensitive. If you think the same as if you were holding some water in your mouth before you take an asprin or holding your breath, the position where your soft pallet is raised and you can hold more of him in your mouth, if you get get it in that position it keeps it from squirting in as much of an annoying place. Take in a breath and the way your mouth enlarges on the inside, hold that. If you're relaxed it usually chokes.
  • don't allow him to ejaculate in your mouth and you won't be gaggin' :) maybe you gag because your unconscious mind finds it repulsive tasting.
  • Your sex partner needs to be your partner in all ways and that includes giving you as much advanced warning as possible as to when he's about to cum. Surprise cumshot right down your throat can be dangerous and my guess is that you've got him right down your throat or deep in the back of your throat when he cums. So have your partner let you know when he's about to cum. He can sense it way before you know he's indeed cuming in your throat. Then you'll have time to pull back a little so that he just fills your mouth with his semen and you don't have to be worried about choking. Also you can be alert youself: The head of your partner's penis will swell up greatly just before he ejaculates. You may also feel one or two pulses as if he were cuming because many men have one or two dry spurts before they actually ejaculate so be on the alert for that. Your adventures into the joys of fellatio should be fun for you both without your having to gag on your partners semen. Happy Holidays!
  • swallow. Don't gag.
  • I find if I tell that I am about to cum then let them decide if they want me to first go all the in and down their throat before cumming or if they want me to fill their mouth instead, is a good way to keep them from gagging. Sometimes they can put their tongue up infront of my cock so when I shoot it doesn't explode down their throat and they can drink it hlps them from gagging., also, the more you do it the less you will gag. some people open their throat just before I cum like they are chugging a beer and that way it goes right down. Any way, its a fantastic ecperience for a guy, almost better than other forms of sex because there is so much they and you can do in the mouth before a guy cums that really turns you on. The tougue and lips can be a marvelous tool for sexual excitement. That's why some guys like oral sex better than any other kind
  • When I feel the head swelling, I press my tongue right up against it. At that very second I gently squeeze his balls and out comes! I can then either swallow if I am in the mood and the taste is ok or I can let it dribble out of my mouth and down my chin.... watching this can be a real turn on for a man. I do not recommend letting him push his penis very deep into your mouth. The gag you feel is a reflex and it is hard to train yourself not to do it, though I suppose you could do so over time. And I also insist that he tell me right before he ejaculates, though I can usually tell it's about to happen because he is moving faster and faster and I feel the end of his penis swell up right before he explodes.
  • Do what I do. Swallow.
  • 99% of the time, he was on his back, so when he came in my mouth, I would block the back of my throat with my tongue just let it fall back onto him. By blocking the back of my throat, he could cum in my mouth and I could hold it without it going down my throat or gagging until I kissed him and pushed it into his mouth.
  • When I hear him starting to gasp, I like to look into his eyes to see his face as he is about to cum. I also know the feel of his cock when he is about to cum. Then I'll put my tongue over the tip of his cock to direct his cum to the side of my mouth, this gives me time to enjoy the taste of his cum and to swallow at my own pace. Good question +3
  • I never gag. I swallow.

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