• Sorry nope, I think England is, but then I'm biased :-p
  • without a question --- the US may have its problems, we will work through them, but what a wonderful free environment we have ----
  • No way. It will probably get better now that's Obama is gonna be the president but still... just the fact that everyone can have a gun and often children can find them very easily is really scary. The health care thing is ridiculous and there's so much more that I don't like about it. I'm sorry, but I think there is just so much wrong with it!
  • I'm sure it's a fine place, but I don't think it would be my cup of tea.
  • Yes I do yo...
  • Currently? Yes - but there are many ancient civilizations who have added much to our current civilization. Rome, China, Europe
  • hey what do you think about you and i? maybe our luck is right here....
  • I have been in 30 different countries and 4 continents and my answer is definitely yes. Be proud of it.
  • Yes,I do.
  • Of course. God is on our side. You can check, it's in the bible (Editing addition: Please note the tone of sarcasm)PPS: I know, "Sarcasm is the protest of the weak"
  • If we actually went by the US Constitution and the government actually cared about our Rights and Freedoms as much as our Founding Fathers, then Yes it would be. But no one cares about that anymore, and America has become something else, so NO.
  • January 20, 2009 It sure won't be any longer...
  • Any country that tortures innocent people is not 'great'.
    • Joyjit Ghosh
      100% RIGHT
  • I don't just think it, I know other nation affords its citizens so much liberty...
  • i think there is no such thing as "great country", really! those countries which belongs to the so called "first world countries" are also dependent to the sources (whether natural, human power, among others) of those of the "third world". Moreover, those of that in the "third world countries" are just also relying to the advancement of technology which the first world can offer. So, basically, if we put this into more simpler terms,as what Economics 101 would tell us that land, raw materials and labor are being offered by the third world countries and the capital and services are being rendered by the first world countries in return. In sum, the relationship is just beneficial. There isn't really a greatest country.
  • I think the ideals that the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were based on were great. A nation is only as great as the causes it stands for and its actions. Not the platitudes that its citizens mindlessly repeat. I fear that ,regrettably, Our government has become an imperialist entity which is full of politicians that care more for maintaining their own position and power then for the interests of the people they govern and the rest of the world. That being said, I know there are still many people in the US who still believe in Ideas such as liberty, equality, and the right to pursue one's life as one sees fit, without interference from government or other citizens. These are the ideals that make the US great in my mind.
  • i think there is no such thing as "greatest country". the relationship of the "first world countries" and the " third world countries" are just beneficial. first world countries rely on the cheap labor,cheap land and raw materials that third world countries can give and on the other hand, third world countries rely on the technological advancement and services that the first world are offering. So, there is no really greatest among the rest for that matter.
  • No way ! I knows it`s fantastic in terms of technology and it is a fully developed country, but it`s culture is something i don`t admire.
  • not really to be honest
  • Having lived in both the USA and Canada I would take Canada over the USA. I have not thought the USA was great for many years.
  • It's in the top 200, for sure. Somewhere between Canada and Sudan.
  • Why should I ! The Americans are fleeing to Canada, once upon a time USA was great but now it is not even considered the economic super-power. The filthy, inhuman & evil businessman cum politicians have ruined the country. It is just a sick elephant now.

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