• I will sum it up for u: can be caused by -dehydration: lack water -Salivary gland diseases:Those who suffer from salivary gland diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome or bacterial infection of the salivary glands also sometimes suffer from salty taste in mouth. -Tear ducts cause salty taste: Tear ducts, which drain into the nasal cavity often, drain down via back of the throat leading to a salty taste in mouth. -Nutritional deficiency can also cause salty taste- In rare cases salty taste syndrome could also occur due to nutritional deficiency, endocrine disorder or even neurological problems. -A sinus infection can also lead to a salty taste in mouth. -Doctors often refer to epilepsy, migraine and brain tumor as possible reasons of salty taste in mouth. Pls go see a doctor if symtoms persist after having enough water. Get well soon.
  • Maybe shes dehydrated???
  • Does 'all food' include fresh fruits and vegetables? Modern pre-packaged foods often really ARE too salty. If she's had too much salt recently, she will indeed be sensitive to any additional salt content.
  • Amphetamine-what did this turn out to be?

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