• YES! I don't like those so-called names. They sound dodgy. I also think they give the impression that the parents are trashy.
  • Oh my god, me. I know a 'Leesa'. No joke.
  • Oh, yes - and also made up names.
  • I must admit it is very difficult! I once heard of a boy called Ason. His parents' reasoning was: it is like Jason, but without the J.
  • thank YOU!! puh=leeze why why why... and i work at the library and the parents act all put out because i can't spell mycaleigh or some such monstrosity!! great question, babe,, points all the way!
  • Yeah....I know a girl who named her little girl Dreama. That probably isn't how it's spelled, I didn't ask about the spelling, I was confused by the choice. And when you look at them with that wierd look, they're thinking you're the nutty one.
  • Can you give me some examples? I don't really care how it is spelled unless it is clearly would not be pronounced the way it is spelled, such as Cellie (Kelly). However, since I named my daughter after one of my teachers I am also guilty. Thea (pronounced Tay-ah) It's greek.
  • The parents are not illiterate, just imaginative. your name is part of your identity, and unusual names, especially names with unusual spellings, are signs that the parents are either free-thinking, want their children's names to be unique, or want to provide a link to a proud past.
  • How about this one? A girl named Adnrea and they call it An-dre-a. My friend got in trouble in Human Resources because she sort of made fun but not really of the spelling of her name and asked if her momma really did spell it like on her birth certificate. When the girl answered yes, my friend remarked "well, was she smokin' something?" and kind of laughed, but made her name tag just like the girl said. My friend got written up and reprimanded for insulting the new employee's momma. Jeez!! So to answer your question, yes, I am sick and tired of fake names and can't spell for crap names.
  • *Raises hand* It's like text speak for baby naming. Geez. Methinks some parents spend a bit too much time on Myspace :)
  • yep. I know someone who was named the traditional Irish name of Siobahn...but her parents spelled it Shawvagn. Bugs the crap out of me! If you can't spell it you should probably stick to something like Mary or Jane.
  • My name, Jeana, is actually spelled that way because I'm not Italian. I like the spelling of my name, but can see your point with all the Adycyns, Madysyns, and Mickkynzys out there.
  • No. What the hey? We need more Marys and Johns? Let's get creative with names. Now, pronunciation is another matter. Ian is pronounced 'ee-un' not 'aye-un'. 'aye-un' makes me wonder if the sister is named Neutron.
  • Very much so. I don't think it's cute, though it does gather attention for the child, negative attention.
  • Yes, and I also hate when people name their kids Names like Hennessey and Alize. I think it's ridiculous to name your child after liquor. " Come here Jack Daniel, do your homework!"
  • I'm tired of parents treating their kids like living dolls, generally. The naming is just the most recent manifestation of that sad phenomenon.
  • I am,its ridiculous.The parents think its cute but the kids at school tease the hell out of them.One girl where i go to church is named Shananikker.They are always on her about her name.It isnt cute,its ignorant.
  • I just read a young lady's name today that made me do a double-take - Jesyca. What do you think spelling will be like in 100 years?

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