• I don't know, but that would be cool. :D
  • I'd like to see some crawl out of 6 ft thick earth. Theres gonna be a lot of frustrated zombies, especially the ones that are nothing but bones now.
  • Not unless the person is Rod Zombie,and all the old dead rockers come back for a final concert.-- lol seriously though, when we are raised from the dead it will not be as a zombie we will not be lifeless entities roaming the earth. we will in point of fact have a new body--a glorified body--like that of christ and our spirit will be re-united with it. and we live forever in heaven or in hell in that body--depending upon whether one is born of God and has Jesus as their Lord and savior.
  • Does that mean that every person who have died since the beginning of mankind will rise full with flesh? And where all those people are going to fit? That's a lot of people!
  • That was Michael Jackson's interpretation... we know what a nutcase he is.
  • Gods' written word says that the dead will come back to life. Because of inherited sin, we die. Romans 5:12. Because of Jesus' sacrifice, we have the hope of never dieing before Gods' war at Armageddon, or if we die prior, we have the hope of a resurrection. John 5:28,29. Acts 24:15. Jesus showed on a small scale what was to come under his Kingdom Rule. Luke 7:11-17. Luke 8:40-56; Luke 8:1-43. 1 Thessalonians 4:14 If you would like to to know where death is likened to being asleep, you may email me at "" with the subject "Sleeping & Death"
  • I'd be scared so I would hope not.
  • I better get my zombie rifle just in case.
  • I friggin hope so. I would love it if zombies walked the Earth. I'd actually consider reading the Bible if it did.
  • it means the body will be reunited with the soul after the final judgment day.
  • That is not what the Bible says. It says the "dead in Christ" shall rise first. The dead in Christ are those who do not believe in Christ. As believers are referred to as being "alive in Christ". Physically dead people are referred to in that chapter as being "asleep". --- So when Jesus returns to earth. We will all change into our spirit-body. The unbelievers will change first, then the believers will change. This is why the Bible states that Blessed is he that endures to the end.
  • No, They said the dead will rise again doesnt mean Zombies. I think what it meant as the everyone will return for the final judgement.
  • No, not at all.

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