• No, see this answer
  • No. Actually quite the opposite. Alcohol contains a lot of sugar as well as completely messing up your liver enzymes that help regulate other metabolic functions.
  • Sometimes it does. People drink and then don't eat. It is empty calories and not the best thing to do. If they smoke it is even worse.
  • No you actually gain it.
  • No. It increases appetite on top of adding its own calories to your body. When I drank, I weighed 182. When I stopped drinking, I went down (without dieting) to about 169-170 (normal and much better weight for me) within about 3-4 months.
  • After reading your comment to Azraff I wanted to add something... You didn't say you had been losing weight involuntarily, I thought you were asking as you wanted to lose weight. If this is the case, i would see a doctor as inexplicable weight loss can be due to other medical conditions. There is a possibility you are not absorbing nutrients, but i would see a doctor
  • My mother died last year from alcoholism. She had lost her appetite for the most part a long time ago. As she was de-toxed at the hospital, she stopped eating almost completely, and at the time of her death was skin and bones. This process of complete decline took only 4 months. Evidently the alcohol robbed her of her desire to eat, I'm not sure how that works, but alcohol most definitely caused her weight loss and eventual death. I wish the people who think alcohol is harmless could see what it can do to a family and to the person who has the disease.
  • It hasn't worked for me yet, but I'll keep trying.
  • Under normal circumstances, No it does not. Alchol is considered 'empty calories' because the body spends so much time trying to consume and break down the calories that it does not have time to break down what you have eaten and it then absorbs those as extra calories. Alcohol typically causes weight gain for this reason.
  • In my experience if the consumption is due to alcoholism which is usually a direct result of depression, it's the depression that is causing the lack of appetite rather than the alcohol. Otherwise you'd probably see a lot more skeletal college kids
  • It could if it makes you not want to eat, or if you're replacing eating with drinking.
  • NO WAY!! Alcohol is very fattening!!! It's a caloriebomb!!!!!
  • It does the opposite.
  • When I drink, I crave little appetizers. Don't do it! Plus you don't want to be fat AND an alcoholic!
  • alcohol is very fattening!
  • I would say alcohol consumption would make you "put" on weight than lose it. Ever heard of the term "Beer Belly"?
  • No. It makes you gain weight.
  • I have to say, yes, i've actually lost weight..I have gone out drinking, and the next day, i swear i'm smaller! I think it depends what you drink. If you drink alot of beer and mixed drinks, margaritas, then i would say yes. But i have to say, i'm pretty small and i have a healthy appetite, and i mostly drink shots of tequila and vodka with either cranberry, orange juice, or pineapple, and i don't gain weight at all! Occasionally, i have a glass of wine.
  • For some people it does the complete opposite. For me though, when I drink I tend to dance more and have more energy then pass out. On the other hand, when I dont drink I tend to stay in and watch movies and snack. So it all depends the affect alcohol has on you.

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