• Many ,many times...I'm self employed,no workie, no payie.. I once posed this question ,or similar to a Benefits Officer,he told me that if everyone was self employed he'd be out of a job. Most people give in to easily..especially if they are paid for being off work, most of these things will go away in a couple of hours. In 49 years I can honestly say I've had no more than a couple of handfulls of days off...and I am by no means a healthy man...some days I could cry with my arthritic thumbs alone..
  • Yup. Used to work for a company where if we didn't work, we didn't get paid. No paid sick time or vacation time.
  • Yes, I worked for a company that allowed 3 absences in a 6 month period. We'd get written up for taking more than that. Jobs are hard to find and people don't want to risk losing one.
  • alot. i went to school when i was vomiting so much i had a trashcan next to me. when you work hourly you really dont have much choice when you have to pay for things, and when your school gives you the proposition of being exempt from finals if you have perfect attendence you would go. i think my entire hs career i missed 2 days. 1 time bc my contact tore and cut my eye, and the other time bc i thru out my back and couldnt get out of bed... but that doesnt mean i didnt try to.
  • yes many times, I have gone to work with bronchial infections (non contageous), fever of 103, diarhea, and even once suffering from salmonella poisoning that caused a severe kidney infection. I worked up until 3 hours before my son was born. The reason... I need my job. I live in a smaller community where jobs are hard to come by, they say dont bother with DR. notes because they wont even look at them (unless its workmans comp.) If I miss more than 3 days in a 12 month period I get written up and if I miss more I could be terminated. They put me on the schedule because they need me there to do a job, if I am not there it does not get done and deadlines are missed. Even though I think their call in policy stinks, I really enjoy my job, the hours, the people and of course the paycheck. Sometimes I just gotta suck it up and deal with being sick.
  • I have many times. Fever, nausea, diarhea, dizziness, never vomiting though (I don't throw up for some strange reason). I do it because someone needs to do the job. If I don't go in, my boss has to work a double, and that just isn't right. - The only time I have called in to work was when I pulled a muscle in my back. It took me five minutes to get from my bed to the phone to call my boss. I just couldn't move.
  • No. I think it's rude to do that, as it's really unpleasant to be around people who are vomiting right next to you, and when they're contagious, spreading their sickness to everyone around them.
  • Nope. My sis went to work with a cold once. She took care of an older couple and the husband caught her cold, which turned into pneumonia and killed him. She still feels horribly over that. I wouldn't risk the people around me, especially if I was that sick. Even if they are healthy you don't know if they are going to take your illness home to babies or parents who might not do as well getting over the illness as you will.
  • Yes. If I don't go to work I don't get paid. No paid sick days. If someone doesn't want to be around me when I'm sick, they can either stay away or pay my bills and I'll go home.
  • to get away from the nagging wife. it always makes you feel better to do it this way.

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