• Okay my hair waves to and its a pain in the butt! What I do is this. When I take a shower always use conditioner it will keep the healthy oils you need in your hair there. Towel dry it. Then I use Sunsilk hydra tlc 24/7 creme.(you can get this at your local cvs stores or walmart or something). Then you blow-dry it straight. The creme should keep your hair from frizzing. It works for mine. And it keeps it hydrated instead of dry stiff hair. After your hair is dry use your straightener. This will get your hair nice and straight and smooth-looking. And WAHLAH! your done and you have beautiful hair!
  • visit hair salon
  • OK. Years ago black girls that wanted straight hair would iron each others hair! It's simple, it works, but do I need say:be careful!

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