• sorry, this is just a follow-up ^o^ The disk isn't scratched, its brand-new T^T everyother game i try will play and load. just not this one. (oh the humanity....) the story was just getting interesting, now i'm all engrossed and it won't play!!!!! T^T i'm the type who plays one game at a time, i don't want to invest in anouther one yet....please please please help me~!!!! the PS2 i bought used, but has no problems or damages. i don't know what to do... after it loads the "playstion" word, the screen is black, and at the top, it flashes a whit-ish bar twice, then does no more. kind of like...on those old TVs with the rabbit ears, when you adjust and the screen statics(???) or when you fiddle with that yellow plug of the red-white-and yellow cable plugs that give you visual things for your elcrtonics..... did that make sense??? i think its trying to load the disk, but can't for some reason, and thats what im seeing.... the load times for that game in general were pretty bad, but tolerable. maybe the game over-stressed the ps2?? ya know??? anywasy im babbling, thnx for your time......
  • Take it to the store you bought it from and see if they will try it on their console. (If you bought it online, try a friends console or an emulator.) If you played 20 hours straight (really?) then your problem could be your PS2 overheating. Give it a rest, go read a book or something, and come back to it later. Otherwise, you are looking at a disc issue. You'll need to take that up with whomever you bought it from.

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