• No, there isn't any law against this. It's a bit ridiculous, but can't you just ask your neighbor not to do it again? Or just let it go.
  • I guess its time to lock up your garbage cans. Its ridiculous that you have to do this. Hopefully he isnt running extension cords using your electricity too which I'm sure is against the law.
  • yeah thats tresspassing call your local code enforcment officer to make sure then have a officer come out and warn your neighbor
  • Besides tresspassing, it's theft of service! You shouldn't be expected to pay for getting rid of a neighbors trash, it's his responsibility.
  • Theft of service is a crime.
  • Yes. I had a neighbor that did that too. I got fed up and just returned their garbage to them, right on their front porch. They got the message.
  • If there's room what's the harm yo?...
  • Yes, but I wouldn't care unless I didn't have room for the last of my garbage. She might think nothing of it, assuming that you wouldn't mind because she wouldn't mind or she might feel like she is doing something wrong.
  • Each municipality has their own laws about this. It is usually against the law to do so, it would also be against the law for your neighbor to place bags in front of your house in most municipalities. You might want to check your local laws with your town hall or city department of public works first before having a talk with your neighbor.
  • Yes, that is the law of least effort.
  • Appearantly this was not clear enough for the simpletons that are reading this question so I will explain it in little words. You pay for trash man to come. You pay for trash can. When someone else puts trash in your can they are making you pay for their trash. This is called in big people words...theft of service. Morons.

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