• No, for since "you" are married, you should at least not mind sharing a bed with your spouse. It is kind of hard to have all kinds of fun in two seperate beds, especially if they are in different rooms. In the end, I am not saying that one or the other can't sleep in a different bed if it is available, but doing so might complicate the marriage, or at least begin to complicate the situation.
  • Totally, there should always be a "doghouse" bedroom cuz the couch sucks
  • Normally it would be perfectly fine... Computer room, spare room for company, game or television room? but in this economy... I think its fine to pick something more suitable to just the two of you.
  • Of course! Where would your guests sleep if you only had one bedroom? Hahah!!
  • You can do the two bedroom thing, but I'd definitely make the second room an office/study. If you have guest rooms, that sometimes can mean that unwanted company could crash at your place. No better solution than to make it an impossible option. If there is no other room available, it can't happen. Couches are not guest rooms, and is a good response to attempted couch crashers. If you never do anything to the spouse that you shouldn't do, there is no reason to have the "dog-house" room, or the couch sleeping option. Whoever thinks that its okay and behaves like that probably should reconsider the whole married thing.
  • I like having an extra room for the computer, and the extra TV and video game systems :) That way all the games don't have to be in the living room. If we needed more of an "office", then that extra room would be good for that too. Also, if you are planning on having kids, it would be good to have the extra room so you don't have to worry about moving once your kid is old enough to need a room of his/her own. If you LIKE your family and friends, having a guest room wouldn't be a bad idea either.
  • The extra room can be very valuable. Like some said, it can be a guest room, office, and computer room, but also a place where one spouse can sleep or stay up late without bothering the other. Or if there's a fight. Or if one spouse is sick and the other MUST get a good night's sleep.
  • Yeah spare bedrooms are great because they can be used for so many things :)

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