• Oh,yes. But the relationship is still there. We are just separated by a long distance, now. The communication is always there. I love the net for that reason.
  • I never thought I would, but yes. We fought so much when we were kids, but now that we're "grown up" I'd take those childhood years back in an instant. We get along 100% better now, but when I remember how it was when we were little, I miss the things we used to do together and how we always played, argued, all of it. I miss it all...
  • Not really. I have an older brother and we were never really close at all and now that we are both much much older our relationship is even more distant.
  • No, we were always trying to make the other bleed or cry. Now we just scream and run to our rooms. Maturity is wonderful, eh? :D
  • Oh golly, no way. I am 7 years older than my sis..when we were youngsters of course we played together when we were very young..but there was always a sotto voce mild animosity. Our relationship as adults is a zillion percent better! :) (9hugs))
  • Yes, me and my brother used to be really close, now we rarely talk because he is busy with his life now.
  • Yes, he died at 29 and my fondest memories are when we were little. Enjoy every momment you have. :)
  • I loved my childhood with my siblings. While we are still close we don't talk often. Once we grew up and began marrying the relationships tended to smother the relationships we had with eachother. It's something I view as tragic. Fairly recently, in the last two or three years my younger brother has changed with me. I noticed one day that he seemed to take offense to me mentioning a boat I had. Over the last few years he's pushed stuff back into my face, not seemingly in a mean way, but noticeable. Our statuses were never something that came between us but it seems clearer that for him it's been becoming an issue. It's pretty tragic. It's hard not to see our relationships with others as being the catalyst for our growing apart. It's not catastrophic at this point but I'm not very happy about it. I was very close with my siblings as kids.
  • nooo! me and my sister when we were younger use to argue and fight all the time ! suppose there is only 21 months between us. but now we are older (20 and 22) we get on sooo well. never argue really, hang out together. Lots better now than when we were younger :D:D
  • DAMNN ALOT.... now we dont even talk :(
  • i miss it everyday of my life and am only 16 my sis she is 17 and shes not the same anymore :( misssssss everything about our relationship
  • yes we were separated by human made divisions called countries. i dont understand why humans made borders and divided mother earth!
  • Oh yeah. Things have changed a whole lot lately. I really wish we could go back to those childhood days when we could tell each other our secrets, help each other and at times get on each other's nerve. Last part was quite frequent than other. :)
  • Not at all. My brother was 5 years older and we weren't friendly until after I graduated high school. My younger sisters weren't much fun to be around.

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