• It's not Ur "Hunting Rights" but Ur "Firearm Rights" unless they were removed for a "Hunting Felony". For the "Gun Rights" a Judge has to review it upon Ur "Petition" for "Restoration" & having "Completed" whatever "Penalty Phase" of Sentence as proven by whatever Documentation U were given (Probation,Incarceration Documents). John
  • You don't. Federal law in all states says: "Can a felon own a gun in Nevada? It is federal law, not just Nevada state law, that makes it illegal for a felon to possess a firearm. Anyone convicted of a crime that carries a maximum punishment of one year or more in prison or of a domestic violence crime loses their right to carry a firearm. Jul 17, 2015" Where handling a gun is concerned, once a felon always a felon.

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