• hmmm sounds painful! and also sounds unlikely that you'll get a stable system back without a wipe down and reinstall.... however you MAY be able to save the situation if you insert the windows CD and attempt to repair the current install - but do NOT select the "Repair Recovery Console" in the windows setup.
  • Try to do a system restore first. Keep pressing F8 during startup (before the windows logo shows up) to get to the advanced booting options. Choose Safe Mode. If the computer boots, say Yes to the system restore question that it will ask you. Choose a date in which the computer was still working and press restore. You will not lose any files by doing a system restore. If that fails, then you will have to do a repair installation as loonyroony suggested.
  • use your windows xp cd. Boot the computer from cd. When "windows set up" appear, press F10 to activate the recovery console. After Recovery console active , we will asked : Which Windows installation would you like to log on? Usually the answer is 1 then press enter. At the prompt, type chkdsk /r. This will repair and recover your disk. Hope it'll help..

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