• I would have to say I'm the same. Haven't changed.
  • lets see 10 years ago i was 6 so...i don't really know =-)
  • Yes I can honestly say I am a much better friend then I was 10 years ago. We should grow in every aspect of life. being better at understanding has made me a better person which means I can offer more of myself then I could 10 years ago.
  • i have always been a really great friend. I would say i'm just as good now as i always was. :-)
  • I don't remember honestly... 10 years ago I would be 3 years old...
  • actually I am because in 10 years I have grown a lot with experience. I have had so many "friends" who turned out to be "friends for only what they got out of it " or friends who were always too busy to be friends when I was really needing a friend. So in 10 years I have learned what REAL friendship is and I have determined to NEVER be one of those fake friends and to ALWAYS give it my all or nothing.
  • Haha, deffffff. x 10
  • outside of family I do not have contact with anyone from 10 years ago.
  • I am not the same person I am now as I was back then. Nothing in life is ever static. I have experienced a lot and been through many ups and downs within the last 10 years with my friends - headaches, relationships, betrayal, a good friend who committed suicide, Ten years ago I was in college and was more naive and immature. I thought I knew it all. I had a lot of people who I hung out with but when my father passed away and I was depressed that was when I truly understood the definition of a friend and who my true friends were. As I get older, I find life only gets more hectic and chaotic. Work and a love life gets complicated and there is less time as I start to climb up the corporate ladder and hopefully get in a deep committed relationship and start my own family. While there is less time, I feel that the friends I have around me, I appreciate them a whole lot more because of our shared past and I now understand the true meaning of friendship better than I did 10 years ago.
  • unfortunatly no, 10 years ago I was in highschool and had time to be with people, now I work 60 hours a week and don't find time for friends. maybe one day I will be better...
  • I hope so. I was 9!
  • Yes. I've lived and learned.
  • Well i was a good friend back when i was 9, i wouldn't say that i'm better but i grew up along with my friends so things change the needs of a friend when you are 19 are not the same.
  • Um....I have to say that I was always a good friend! And I still have all my friends now that I had 10 years ago!
  • I wouldn't think I'm any different than I was 10 yrs ago
  • Great question Zack. I'd like to think so. I've gotten somewhat better at accepting imperfection in myself and others. I'm not so quick to jump on people for perceived wrongs. I hope that I've gotten more compassionate and become a better listener because of some of the pain I've experienced. And I also hope I've become less selfish and better able to be there for them when needed.
  • Not a chance
  • No.I had friends then but now I have only seekers.They are friends for a reason, to reach their goal in spiritualism!
  • I am consistent all the time regarding friendship.
  • Yes. I've learned a lot especially from my high school years and then after. Everybody was just a friend me times back, but now I know who people are, and who deserve what. I no longer choose friends blindly.
  • I don't know. That is not for me to judge..that is something you should ask my friends..those of my friends whom I've know for more than 10 years. Happy Thursday! :)
  • Yes I am a lot more forgiven now then years ago :)

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