• Hmmm... does being an artist count? I also watch a lot of movies, go to art shows and museums, listen to a ton of music, and most of my closest friends are artists as well.
  • Hang the kids' drawings on the refrigerator door
  • practice them.
  • In almost every possible way. I work in the arts, teach in the arts, I practice the arts in my spare time, I'm a patron of the arts; I attend performance art and visual art exhibitions. My vacations are usually arts-related (eg: visit the Louvre art museum in Paris), I've written about the arts, and most of my friends are in the arts.
  • We have twice yearly theatre trips to the West End (November, and March), we usually go to NYC in December or January if there are new shows playing. We visit the DIA (Detroit Institute of the Arts) frequently, and take weekend trips to Chicago for the Art Institute, and sometimes all the way out to Des Moines, IA for the Des Moines Art Centre (VERY underrated museum!!!).
  • I am a great fan of theater. I watch it every chance I get and participate in it, too.
  • I'm a digital artist. I'm currently designing fancy e-news letters for a fitness company to send out to their clients and affiliates. But I really wanna get into the animation industry.

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