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  • It depends on the situation. A fellow soldier jumping on a granade to save his pals, Thats courage. I am not to judge what is cowardly for anyone because I am not in their shoes.
  • Coward. One who dies an unnatural death will have to wander at the place he died until he's called up. So it's like another torture. No point.
  • I think suicide is our choice and it is as much a birth right as is breathing. However, if a person is too weak to stay and try to help the ones he/she loves... this is both sad and beautiful. It is a very painful world we live in. If this person is sorry for their cowardice, then they ought to be forgiven... damn them! Perhaps they don't have the capacity for love they need to fuel their passion for fighting in this temporary and restless life. If they just didn't care or wanted to spite the world, or just cared more about themselves than others... then these should be viewed both as symptoms of weakness, and byproducts of existential isolation realities. Look around you, and though your family may be gone and your battles all the more difficult, that person is still walking among you and yours, you will see...
  • Suicide Is Selfish, Why Put Friends n' Family Through That? You Create More Problems, And Pain, We All Take What Life Thows At Us. Yes, If you Are Sacrificing Your Life For Something You So Strongly Belive In. Then Courage Of Course.
  • It takes more courage to go on living after a hardship or tragedy then it does to just kill yourself knowing that it will all go away It is a very selfish thought indeed to kill yourself to end your pain only to add a greater amount to your friends and family. However, I view sacrificing yourself, not as suicide, but as a true act of love and courage. Only someone with courage could be unselfish enough to end their life to save that of another.
  • I think it's not my place to judge. People don't kill themselves for trivial reasons, they kill themselves because they honestly feel that they have no place left to go, that no one can help them and that there is no other alternative, be it true or not. I think that suicide is both brave and cowardly at the same time, but I will never decide that someone is a coward for killing themselves, as I had no access to the thoughts and emotions that they thought justified the act.
  • i think it takes a tremendous amount of despair to decide to end your life, a feeling that there is no other way possible to end your suffering.
  • Neither. All it takes is sufficient hopelessness.
  • After watching friends struggle through their sons suicide, I think it takes a willingness to take all your pain and dump it on the people who love you most, while you opt out. I think that pretty neatly fits the definition of cowardice. If you are in that much pain, seek help, but don't do that to your loved ones.
  • None of the above. Despair and an overriding need for escape is what it takes.
  • It take courage in the sense that going through with it is something that is very hard, but if you believe you can't go on and can do it its courage. It's also cowardice in the way that you are hiding from your feelings, and hurting those around you. So both answers are correct.
  • A coward act! An escape from reality!
  •'s a loss of hope, a desperate and destructive inability to see any hope for themselves. :)
  • Suicide is the act of a selfish coward I don't care about unhopeleness because the world is full of the unhopeful who find away to survive and get pass their pain. And before you DR let met remind you I almost committed suicide so I know what im talking about
  • It takes courage to realize that you have no options left (in your mind). I think the selfish ones are the ones who expect us to hang around so they don't "suffer" so apparently their 'suffering" temp. is much worse than a depressed, alone, abused, etc suicidal person to finally realize the true answer.
  • I do not think it's about courage or the lack of it, it's about being confused enough to feel there is no other way out.
  • a coward for running away from their problems. but courage to take away their own life.
  • i think its a cowards way out

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