• I've participated thrice. the first one was when I was in my 10th standard. That one was in biology, explaining the various stages of agriculture. The second was in 11th- on Food adulteration The last one in school level was in 12th- this time it's Chemistry- growing crystals of salts :)
  • Yes. Levitrains!Trains which levitate on magnets. Years ago even before they were launched.
  • ...I have been in charge of several Science Fairs...and the projects are endless...the key thing to a true Science Fair question is in the asking of the question...then performing an experiment to prove or disprove the hypothesis. Doing a question, like: How does a volcano already known and more like a "project"....rather, does aspirin prolong the life of cut flowers? Or...does cutting a flower stem on the diaginal prolong the life of a cut flower? are better questions...The student then makes a hypothesis (after doing some research) & designs an experiment...
  • Yes, I did a project on the effects of Acid Rain on plants. No one ever hears about acid rain anymore, but it was a big thing when I was in school.
  • I did the science fair in 8th grade and all's I remember was that it involved an egg, vinegar, and other odd materials lol
  • In 8th grade. I grew a bunch of pansies using different liquids (distilled water, tap water, beer, something else..) to demonstrate what it does to plants and help indicate how bad it is for you.
  • I participated and judged one. I had the work circuit and experimented on the ideas of using different types of conductors.
  • I've been in three! They were pretty fun. I wish science could be that simple again. 1) Why does salt melt ice 2) How much bacteria is present on everyday objects 3) How do electromagnets work

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