• I dont know but i want to find out the big ones bcuz i wanna be a flight attendant! lol
  • british airways easy jet thats all i know
  • I have no idea as to how many airlines there are in the world, not sure too many people do either. Here are some i know; Qantas Virgin Jet Star Fiji Air Air New Zealand British Airways
  • jet blue american airlines bahamas air united wir british airways yellow taxi continental virgin airways Delta us air spirit airlines
  • british india air line pia gulfair
  • Lots and lots and lots:
  • 1) Here you can find "a list of airlines in operation (by continents and country).": Here the list for Russia: 2) Here you can find a "list of all Airline codes. The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline designators and the airline call signs (telephony designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness.": 3) Here are lists of the world largest airlines. "There are several ways to measure the size of an airline, so several different lists of the world's largest airlines are available.": 4) So there are about 2.400 airlines in operation outside Russia and 285 in Russia, so nearly 2.700 in the world. Here are some names of airlines that I know: Air Algérie EgyptAir Royal Air Maroc Qantas Air France Air Méditerranée Air Berlin Germanwings LTU International Lufthansa Aer Lingus Ryanair Alitalia KLM Carpatair TAROM Aeroflot - Russian Airlines Iberia Airlines British Airways El Al American Airlines United Airlines Delta Air Lines US Airways Air Canada SAS Group Japan Airlines
  • at they have most airlines regsitered.
  • there is air canada, air france, sprint airlines, northwest/delta arlines, american airways, quantas, sun contry, southwest, whale, continentl, british airways, usa airways,japan airlines, gulfair,el al,ryanair,virgin air,bahamas air,air mexico, yellow taxi,pia,eygyp air, iberia airlines,fiji air, air newzeland,panama,jet blue,jazz,air india, air train,KLM, alsaka airlines,royal air,speedways airline,american eagle airlines, chinese red airways,cyprus airways,druk airlines,polor air cargo,kendell airlines, jakeway airlines,swiss internatinal,west jet, world airways,sabena airways,dutch airlines,south african express,first air, first choice,easy jet,holiday runway,aingopore airlines,air greece, air iceland,miami air internatinal,skywest,skyways,air malta,myair,natureair airlines,midwest airlines,air berlin,corsair,pisific,china airlines,solomon airlines,condor,zero gravity airlines,horizon air,TWA,eastern,aloha airlines,frointier,hawaiain air,Ozark airlines,air zinbabwe,jordinia airways,austilian airfare airlines, austria air,sky sevice airlines,carpatair,air hapagfly,blueone,air europe,this airways,great lake airlines, and many many many more thats just all the ones i know by heart!
  • not sure, lots of them
  • There are several hundreds of airlines.
  • Most nations have at least one airline (a few do NOT have one), and there are about 180 different nations in the World. Several nations - typically wealthier nations - have multiple airlines, including both international lines and national lines. SO: there are at least hundreds of airlines in the World. *** In fact, there are about 200 airlines in the U.S. alone: {{ }}
  • There are several hundreds of them.
  • there are hundreds of airlines worldwide

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