• Sorry about your loss :( I was about that age when my grandpa died, it didn't affect me seriously but I do remember touching his cold hands which was the first time I understood death.
  • my personal feelings are that that might be too young. but that is up to you to decide. I was about 12 when I went to my great-grandfather's funeral, and I don't know if it would have been good for me to have gone much earlier than that (I would say that 10 years of age would have have been earliest for me). sorry about your grandpa
  • It depends on if he or she can behave and be quiet and reverent. In short, I think you should.
  • the earlier the better cuz they have to deal with death throughout their life and it makes them stronger i know how it feels im sorry for your loss
  • I think ou should kids understand alot more than we sometimes give them credit for : )
  • Sorry for your loss.. When my Nan died my kids where very young to 6 and 2, i thought it best that they did not go to the funeral as i think i needed to grieve and i did not want them to see me and the rest of the family upset. They did come later to a blessing in the church with my Nan's ashes, the whole family walked to my nans favorite spot and we scattered the ashes. - That's what i felt was right for my family but i think you should go with your gut feeling, I'm sure what ever you decide it will be right for you and your family :)
  • Yes, i brought my kids to my dads ,they were 8 months 5 and 6 they don,t understand but they will be happy they were there when they are older. hey never knew him.I mis him so much!

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