• There were meant to be Four but so far only Three films have been made as follows: Stargate the Movie: started the series off Lost City: was a two part episode (origionally penned for the big screen) Stagate: The Ark Of Truth Stargate: Continium Thats it for now but there is a teeny tiny whisper that theres another on the way if so all i can say is "BRING IT ON"!!!!! Hope this has helped have a pic on me lol
  • People need to read the question. How many SG1 movies were MADE? The answer is Ark of Truth and Continuum. The original Stargate was NOT SG1 because the SGC wasn't formed at the time, and Lost City is a two-parter episode. Regardless of if it was penned for a movie, because it wasn't done that way! There is a third one on the way, but it is not made yet.
  • The first one was "The Ark of Truth". The second one was "Continuum". Their both really good. If you haven't watched them yet I suggest you do.

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