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  • Woo! I love a good trampling!! I'll do it for free!
  • Well send me a e-mail at I'm from Detroit where do you hang-out? How long have you been into trampling? Do you pefer heels or boots?
  • I love my stomach to be, stepped on an stood on by heavy women, i say, the heavier, the better on my stomach, step on me, i DARE you to., any takers?, one at a time, or two at a time, one piggy-backing the other, an then stepping an standing full weight on my stomach. A woman wearing 3 inch thick platform flip flops, sinks nicely into my stomach. I love my stomach, stepped on, stood on an bounced on, use my stomach as your own, trampoline and a stair-stepper, an you can put a excercise ball on my stomach, an sit on it an bounce on it, think you can make me say, uncle?, i'm up for the challenge, squish me flat, step on me, BBW'S and SSBBW are welcome to step an stand full weight on my stomach, you can reach me at me e-mail, (not dot com), or leave a message on here. step on me...
  • I love my stomach to be trampled,by a heavy women step on me. SSBBW are welcome to step an stand full weight on my stomach

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