• I did once, but I'm more used to seeing that phenomenon with down-rates.
  • Yes, it's the Point Fairy, you must have been a good Doo Bee.
  • did you get the pint container of chicken soup?
  • Yes, positrollers are terrific.
  • before my eyes what, fell out?
  • 1) I would not call this "before my eyes"; for me, this would mean a self update of my profile with some positive ratings. But it sometimes happens to me that I see a lot of my answers uprated after I update my profile page. I do this myself from time to time, but it is mostly on answers who have a negative point total, if I think that this was not fair. But I look accurately at those answers before doing this - and I also often have a look at the other answers for those questions. Answerbag policy does not allow you to give too many points at a time to the same user. It would be unfair to other users. 2) As to *negative* ratings, inappropriate negative trolling is usually done against the Answerbag policy. You could make a feedback to the Staff if it happens. (Use the "Feedback" link at the bottom of the page). If you feel that an user is doing a lot of offensive submission, the best reaction is not to downrate them, but rather to flag their submissions as offensive and to report them to the Staff.

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