• Nothing from the worldly point of view, but I was born in it!I will soon.
  • Served in the USMC and US Army. Went to Vietnam purple heart, Silver Star,`2 bronze stars with a "V" Valor and a whole bunch of other shiny medals. took lives and saved lives, Now own my own business and employee people.
  • I have: Served one tour During OIF 1 as a Parachute Rigger, airdropping supplies and running convoys to and from the FOB's Reenlisted for Air Defense in 2006 and now serve as an Aidfense Airspace Management Early Warning System Operator ready for a second deployment to Iraq. I also have added two future taxpayers to the population of the US I also donate time to the homeless with the family when we that good?
  • I once used Australian-flag-themed toilet paper, does that count?
  • I support ROn Paul and the Liberty and Freedom Campaign.. And I'm voting for Chuck Baldwin..
  • Donated Blood that's all I have done so far
  • I Brag about Her all the time.
  • I spread the knowledge about history and current events through relativity to my otherwise gov blind buddies, keeping them informed to make better decisions. and I served as a tanker for 6 years.
  • Ask not what your Trump can do for you, ask what you can do for your Trump.
    • officegirl
      We too voted for Trump.
  • 1-22-2017 I designed part of the Dolby Digital Stereo system to put VH1 on the air. Nobody seems to care.

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