• With the power of touch.
  • make his favorite meals, give him massages, and surprise him with lots of little things
  • You tell her she is special. You treat her like she is special. You talk to others about how special she is.
    • Percussion
  • Kk. I'm single now, but when I did have a bf I would lay by him and rub his back and head(he's bald) until he fell asleep on my chest. Or I would straddle him and kiss him from head to toe(no sex). Like each eye, his nose..just everywhere.
  • I tell her she has a nice ass.
  • I think it's all in the little things; a note on the bedside when she wakes up, do all of your own and her chores so she can come home and chill out, know her brands, her preferences and favorites..suprise her with the occasional little gift that is one of these things, and most of all, listen...REALLY listen. especially when she's had a bad day and vents....even when she has to tell you every detail of every event and the back ground and life story of every person involved in the event to the point that you forget what she was originally talking about in the first place...still listen...and then say "well that's just a load of crap! How dare they! I'm really sorry babe".
  • show her the same amount of affection outside the bedroom as you do inside the bedroom. let her know you think of her in other ways.
  • Cooking breakfast/dinner. Start their car in the morning when it's cold outside. Do lil gestures when you knoe they r goin through a rough time etc..
  • Just listening to them when they want to tell me a story without (too much!) interjectiuon.
  • Love them completely as they are and for whom they are with no judgments. Snuggle a lot!!
  • Mail a letter to his home addressed to the Most Hansome-est (sexiest, hottest etc.) Man In (your town) Even if (expecially if) he lives with you. The content of the letter can contribute to the "make him feel special" theme but doesnt have to be mushy or overly long. I received many a letter addressed to "Woman of my dreams" or "The most beautiful girl in the world" with only a drawing of a t-shirt with I Heart You, scrawled on it. Made my week!!!!
  • Get them little things that they would like to remind them that you like them. Like on the way home get them something at a store like a football team t-shirt or anything relating to their interestes. Guys love it when you get them stuff that shows you support their hobbies. Cook for guys. A mans heart can easily be reached through their stomach.
  • If we are talking about making a woman feel special, very simple. Be considerate and thoughtful, send her little love notes, make her coffee in the morning, run and errand for her to give her more time to do something else. On the other hand if we're talking about making a man feel special, not sure it's possible without sex being involved. Seems like for guys, it always ends up being about sex.
  • You know how the say the best things in life are free? A well placed love e-mail can do wonders. Now that we live in these enlightened times where e-mail no longer costs 25¢ to send, you can shower your s.o. with as many as you like! :-)
  • Attempt to cook a meal without burning it and when i manage that he feels sooo special:)
  • By treating him the same way I would treat any dear friend..being appreciative of the things he does for me and acknowledging them..never taking him for granted..letting him know how special he is to me. Animals engage in sex..that doesn't make anyone feel "special". Being appreciated, acknowledged and valued does! :) Happy Wednesday! :)
  • I light up when he walks in the room. He knows he is the only person on the planet that can make me grin the way he makes me grin.
  • by spoiling him
  • Surprise them with a small thoughtful gift

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