• The Production Designer or Art Director is responsible for designing, finding and otherwise creating these elements.
  • The lead "Set Decorator" ultimately decides on the funiture,decorations and anything on the set that is not moved or used by the actors.These would be props and the "Prop" department would be resonsible for them.The props department handles the food on set.I work in the industry.
  • Prop Mananger is responsible for items that are used in different scenes, plays, movies, etc
  • we will use a kitchen as an example. everything including food is the responsibility of the set decorator. Leadman is in charge of acquiring pieces and "placing" them on the set. the food that is being handled by the talent is the responsibility of the prop department along with resetting anything used by talent in a scene. The on-set dresser is responsible for the overall reset of the set, i.e. moving a chair to the 1st mark of the shot. I hope this answers all questions for you and people who are "in the business"
  • Someone responsible for food is craft services. That is separate from someone responsible for set decoration. The art department is responsible for each set. Then you have someone responsible for continuity to make sure the set looks the same for each take.
  • I've heard director of photography, but I really don't know for sure
  • They are usually called a Set Dresser but a Production Designer has final say on how everything 'looks'.

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