• au contrere, i think gay women are very manly! peace, dude.
  • I think the media, tends to portray them that way, I know many gay men, and they are all manly.
  • Hmmm just a shot in the dark here, but most manly men don't do the following: 1.)talk with a sissy lisp 2.)enjoy sticking wieners in their mouths 3.)Get on all fours and get nailed from behind 4.)Hold hands with other men 5.)Kiss other men 6.)Have Judy Garland as an icon 7.)Drive around with rainbow bumper stickers Not that there's anything wrong with it.
  • Have you seen the Flamers Goodness some look like women which is odd since they are men and want to be with men.
  • It's the other way around... being MANLY is associated with liking girls & doing lumberjackish manly things. Gay people usually adapt the metrosexual look (which is ALSO not considered being manly, but has nothing to do with being gay). So... you get my drift...
  • I think its the similarity to being womanly.. Alot of gay men are very efeminate in their mannerism.. They also like men which is not traditionally a very hard and manly thing to do..
  • There are many gay people in the special forces,isn't that manly enough.
  • it not is it?
  • I'm going to take a stab in the dark here. I'm not an anthropologist by any means, but: We tend to make fun of "cultures" we are afraid of, or don't understand. The easy way to make fun is to make it seem stupid - so we select the most effeminate man we can find, and we set him up as "the example" of a gay man - and we point him and everyone like him out to our buddies. In this way, we can focus on the flamboyant, skipping, high pitched man and not be afraid of the "normal" looking gay folks standing in the open. Homophobic people like to assume that they can "**snap** spot a gay dude -- just like that"... It makes them feel secure. In this way they can belay their insecurities and fears by just assuming that "normal" looking people are not a threat, and that they are in control of their little piece of the world. It's ignorance, insecurity and fear all rolled up in a neat package - with tidy fingernails, and a skin tight pink shirt.
  • That is ridiculous! it is the time to simply let live! we all have our own ideas about how we wish to live our lives, all of us! we make our own choices! we are how we live!
  • I blame the flamers! They draw so much attention to themselves that they become the 'face' of homosexual men. The other homobros fly under the gaydar because no one can tell the difference! Most of the gay guys I know are actually average manly (but metro) guys. Then there are some gay men who are the biggest macho men you'll ever see (which probably came about coz they're trying to break the flaming stereotype). Just because most effeminate men are gay doesn't mean that most gay men are effeminate.
  • Because the squeeky wheel always gets the oil.
  • Because the stereotypical gay male in media is a Fairy. Like Jack on Will and Grace. Gay men come in all forms, but that one is more amusing for the media.
  • One of the many stereotypical and disrespectful brickbats directed to guys...
  • You have to give the world time to adjust to stuff like this, theres no quick solution. Just like with slavery, interracial dating/marriage, and all the other ignorant views of people... When it emerges, and its different, people are gonna think whatever they want about it until thier era dies off and a more intelligent one comes out. Its kind of like layers. Theres a more intelligent population emerging as time goes on. Its obvious the way the country/world used to be.At one point, having a slave was the "in" thing lol. Its evolution. Soon, homosexuals will be accepted without negative views as much, just like non-whites. It all takes time. Its obvious prejudice, rascists and the like are all being weeded out and being replaced by more positive intelligent views.
  • why does it matter what other people think? Do what makes you happy and people will respect that.
  • Because people don't realize that there are still tops and bottoms.
  • Ignorance

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