• some self-important idiot blathering at the top of his lungs on a cellphone!!
  • a drunk lady took of her blouse and threw up under the lady at dennys
  • While dining about 5 years ago, a couple at a nearby table both lighted cigarettes. I can't tolerate the smoke very well, so I asked the waitress to tell them to stop smoking. Instead they lighted up several more cigarettes and actually blew the smoke deliberately in my direction.
  • Someone walking in talking to the guy that seats you when he asks "Where you would like to sit?". The replay is "ID GAS" which he did not understand or hear and asked "Excuse me?". Then the person just says ID GAS again and explains "I dont give a S@#$". I was floored and really embarrassed to be with him, when he actually said that. I knew his people skills were horrible to us(his co-workers) but not to some random stranger.
  • A street person came in a Whataburger asking for change with his zipper down open enough where you could see his "thing"
  • The treatment of a couple by the waitress who wasn't serving them politely or timely but instead was incredibly rude to them and when they called out the manager, he wouldn't believe them and made THEM leave the place.
  • This lady was really getting down on the people working at Subway...just being rude and condescending. I said something to her, and she said a bunch of BS back that didn't make any sense.
  • I saw a woman slap her child across the face. It really got ugly when I asked her how she was gonna feel when I got up and slapped the shit out of her.
  • A male friend of mine suspected his girlfriend of cheating. He took her out to a nice expensive restaurant. They ordered appetizers, drinks, and entrees. He excused himself to go to the restroom. He gave the waiter a card to give to her then left. The card said "Thanks for dinner you cheating b**ch, I hope you enjoy your walk home."
  • Being seated in a restaurant with my wife and kids and then NO ONE COMING TO TAKE DRINK ORDERS, TAKE OUR FOOD ORDERS, OR SEE HOW WE'RE DOING. After several minutes, we pack up the kids and LEAVE. And if anyone DARES to ask how we enjoyed our meal or says to have a nice day...stand the f*ck by!
  • A woman got up and started talking to a breastfeeding mom very rudely. She said something along the lines of 'how dare you expose your breast with my husband in the room?' blah blah blah. I asked her to take it to the bathroom so my children wouldn't have to see her horrible behavior. She turned red in the face and stormed out with her husband in tow. That was the proudest I've ever been of myself lol!
  • I was in one restaurant and a lady took off her shoes and started running around the restaurant barefooted, then she sit down and propped her feet up on the table and said "my feet hurt". Another time I was in a cracker barrel and this lady spent 30 minutes bitch**g about the food. The waitress walked up and she told her "this is cooked wrong, blah blah blah". The waitress left and in a few seconds came back and said "I will be glad to give you a free vegetable in place of that one if you would like". the customer said "oh no. this one is just fine..but you need to tell your cook how he's supposed to cook my food and how I like it". what a a-hole. I wanted to get up and slap her silly.
  • I live on Maui where there are many fancy restaurants. There are many snobby people at those restaurants who treat the staff bad. The worst one I saw was a woman dump her food on the floor because it was the wrong order. The waitress was so embarassed and had to clean it up.
  • Something I heard once from another customer. "Do not order the cream of mushroom soup, and you don't want to know why" I gathered it had something to do about semem.
  • It's hard to pick just one. Two pet peeves are people ordering the staff about as if they were dirt, and inappropriately loud use of cellphones (if it is appropriate to use them at all) I've heard of far worse... like trashing the place because it's (presumably) fun.
  • The cook cumming in the pan cake batter, and selling it (once cooked) to the unaware customer.

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