• My opinion is that it is nothing more than a crappy conspiracy theory peddled by loons.
  • There are some very interesting book written on the matter - from Bankers orchestrating wars to reap the profits of rebuilding efforts, to governments joining together to create a super-state. Until there is any real evidence for these theories, though, they are only theories.
  • There's a new world order? Where? I still see individual states and groups shooting each other, and having conflicting interests. I still see poverty, hunger, and starvation. I still see the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. I see exploitation of the lower classes by the upper classes. I see banks trying to get rich off of shady dealings. Seems like SSDC (Same Shit Different Century) to me. What's new about any of it?
  • New World Order? Isn't that what the National Socialist German Worker's Party wanted? (aka the Nazis)
  • we will probably never really know for sure but if the majority of people believe it does exist - then the chances are they are probably correct the links to Bilderberg's and Freemasons have been around for hundreds of years so it is perfectly realistic for these organisations to exist just very tough to prove (as they keep secrets very well)
  • It is full motion at this time. Globalization, one-world government, one currency, and one religion are part of the agenda. My 2 cents.
  • be more specific, which one, when, who?
  • what is new to day is already old
  • A good documentary to watch is Zeitgeist, yuo can view it on youtube or google, very interesting. New World Order is the governments attempt to make a one world government with their own currency. Now it's debatable, but I believe it, and we will all see in time anyway. A one world government will have us totally controlled, but perhaps it could work towards eradicating poverty..war, who knows. But..It will probably just be the begginning of the end..a revolution. Wow I sound like a nut case
  • The New World Order is a secular society based on occult philosophy and New Age religion to give the power to a few people who will control the masses with centralized administration that will control the most organizations so that it will be almost impossible to survive without bowing down to the Illuminati with mindless obedience,and if you fight against it all they have to do is shut your identity off the centralized system so you can not buy or sell. Most people serving the New World Order think they are doing the right thing and they have no idea what they are really serving in the end means. If you want to learn more about it.Check out the following topics: Council on Foreign Relations CIA/NSA Bill Cooper Behold a Pale Horse Problem Reaction Solution Order out of Chaos Zeitgeist Part 2 and 3 Fritz Springmeier New Age Agenda Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike Alex Jones Texe Marrs Jordan Maxwell Micheal Tsarion Ring of Power Bible End Time Prophecies Webster Tarpley about Obama Vatican/Jesuits Zionist That is just a start there is more research out there than in ten lifetimes.Best of luck.Question all experts or resources because there alot of disinformation.

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