• Religion is a personal choice. You could ask a Christian, Buddhist, or atheist the same thing. Don't believe everything you hear on Fox News. Most of it's BS.
  • Very Good question. The only relation with God is Islam. (The holy Quran). Previously that relation was with Christanity, Judaism. Why they convert? It is a gift of God to them, it is not in their control. The muslims only give the message. The gift to accept is from God. Otherwise all the Christians returning from Saudi Arabia or Arab world will be converted to muslims, Whenever they accept it, they became just like a new born baby and their sins even it if is equal to a mountain will be forgiven by God. Muhammad (PBUH) your duty is just to give the message to them, to give them the instruction to accept Islam is my duty. (The holy Quran). The order of Muhammad (PBUH) is "Give the message of Islam to the Christians, as they are soft hearted and ready to listen. (From Hadees i.e saying of prophet). When you have time just go through the English Translation of holy Quran; you believe it or NOT it doesn't make any difference. Check books of Hadees at your local libraries. Have a nice day. RK
  • Religion is a symbol, god is powerful so why he need prophets or books or religions to make contact with his creations???
  • The same reason anyone with a religious belief believes what they do. Irrationality.
  • You could look up Cat Stevens and see why he did.

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