• In most cases, a genuinely suicidal father will kill themselves and leave the rest family alone. Only in very rare and shocking cases do they kill the entire family. And this is a deeper psychological/psychiatric process than just being suicidal. There is often psychotic narcism and control-freakery involved. So it's not really fair to accuse all suicidal husbands of killing their entire family.
  • I believe that the media has something to do with it seeming like there are so many more husbands killing their whole families before killing themselves over just suicides. A case of murder/suicide is a much more shocking and therefore a more interesting story to put out in the news than just a suicide.
  • That is a very good question, kdp. Jim and I ask each other that question every time it happens..and it is happening with greater frequency. I guess they think a world without them in it would be unbearable for their loved ones..which is, of course, delusional. Any person that could murder/kill a child is insane. Any parent who could kill his/her child is way beyond insane. :(
  • Good point KDP.. i ask myself that each time i see another family broken apart on the news. I dont understand why men do this.. they should leave their children - poor little innocents that they are - alone. Instead they have to put their families through all that grief, and deny the kids a future because they are selfish.. its absolutely appaling.
  • Because they consider their families as extensions of themselves, which is part and parcel of a pathological gestalt, which is one of the primary reasons they suicide.
  • My guess is one of two things: power and responsibility. The power trip would be something along the lines of "I own you and I can do what I want with you." The responsibility would be "I'm the main support of this family and I don't know what will happen to you if I die, so I'll take you with me."
  • My brother did and he didn't take his whole family with him. But why don't others, I have no idea.
  • he doesnt want to be lonely in heaven without his family. so he takes his family with him. they say you cant take it with you when you die. they forget about just this situation.
  • I imagine there are a few reasons. One is that they are so deluded that they really feel that their families would be better off dead with him than alive. Another could be pure vindictiveness. Other times they are mentally ill and don't understand what they are doing. I've always said that a lot of these men get things backwards.

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