• It is hard to say, for if it was in a lot of pain and rather old, I might put it down, especially if it was a rather crippling sort of condition, and one or more of its bones were broken.
  • I would probably give him pain medicine but if he looked miserable I would have him put down.. and I would cry my freakin eyes out.
  • euthanized..unless that pet met the world to you..then I would say I hope to have the money to pay:):) because that's what it really comes down to..being Honest:)
  • That a hard decision because I had to made it with a animal I loved very much but I weighed out the pros a cons of my decision and the best thing if that pets pain does get better in the time it should or you are spending more time in the vets office getting them pain medicine then it's time to let that pet go.
  • I had to go through this last year. My 14 yr old cat Rex had jaw bone cancer and would have had to have a painful operation and recovery and then no guareentees, i decided that i had to put him down, i just couldn't let him live like that, he had a great life and is burried under a tree, i know it was the right decision but it was painful. I guess every situation is different and everyone must decide for themself. I will stop crying now.
  • this is a tough question for me cause I was faced with this in August this year. If the pain pills worked, I would keep him on the pain pills. When it got to the point that they stopped working and he was obviously just suffering, it would be time to let him go. Pills will work only so long. Eventually the body will start to shut down and then the pain pills are useless. It would also depend on his age and if there is more wrong than just pain issues, which will be that with my dog..he has a lot of health issues not related to pain. It would be a decision that I don't think anyone could really make until they had to.
  • If the pain killers would keep him pain free and having a quality life I would gladly do it.
  • if its just pain like arthritis id give it drugs, but if it was because someone poisoned it and he was suffering + his internal organs were shutting down and he had to be intravenously fed to live a crappy life and spend all of its time at the vets only to cost me around 10 grand id have it killed. already happened, and if i catch anyone putting antifreeze in pet food and leaving it outside to trick animals i will fucking behead you because of it.
  • I think I would probably euthanize the pet because even on pain meds the pet may still be in pain or uncomfortable and wouldn't be able to communicate their discomfort to me. And to me, I may love the animal but making it suffer to prevent my heartache over losing them is not fair at all.
  • Some ifs.. If the painkiller really stopped the pain entirely If there were no deleterious side effects from the painkillers If the pet had a good quality of life Then yes. Otherwise no. We would have it put to sleep:(
  • If another family member was in pain, would you seek treatment with pain medications or call Dr. Kevorkian?
  • It depends on the level of pain. If the pain was adequately controlled and the pain killer wasn't slowly killing the animal, I'd treat it. But when the animal no longer has any quality of life, I'd euthanize it. This is not calling Dr. Kevorkian. We are interfering in the natural life cycle of the animal by our care. In the wild, that pain would slow the animal down to the point where it would die of starvation or be killed and eaten by a predator. We are interfering by keeping it alive longer than it would otherwise, and by choosing to make the manner of their death a little more humane and peaceful. I don't think it is a loving thing to force an animal to stay alive past the point where they have a life because we aren't ready to let go. I also don't think it is a loving thing to spend resources on a dying and miserable animal, keeping them alive for us, when there are so many young dogs in the pound who need a home and are having no quality of life in a cage waiting that I could spend those resources on. We try to give our animals a full and happy life for as long as they are able. Then we give them a peaceful end and adopt another pound puppy to love and shelter.
  • I'd probably euthanize it.
  • "Tosh" was a 13 year old Westie,we'd had him from 6 weeks old,he was my best buddy... he developed a terminal cancer...although it was heart wrenching there was only one choice............boy I do miss my buddy.
  • I would put it to sleep. But I only had to make that decision once and it hurt. :(
  • Depends on the situation and what kind of pain and how well the meds worked. We had one dog with severe back problem and we kept her on meds so she wouldn't have spasms and pain. But the meds ruined her liver, so I don't think I would do that again. If I couldn't make it better holistically I'd think seriously about putting her down as she was in such agony with the liver later. But another dog did real well on meds and her life was happily extended, even getting to decrease the dosage as it got better. I never noticed any bad side effects either.
  • i dont have a pet but if i did it would depend on why it was in pain and if the pain was temporary or permanent

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