• 1) It depends. What you do affects your odds. Running it on a school network *vastly* increases your likelihood of getting nabbed if you're doing anything sketchy. 2) Again, that depends on you. I've rarely had any problems and all of them were killed my my AV program. 3) Not just no, but HELL no. I mean, if you only want to find a couple of hits on the most popular stuff and nothing esoteric then go for it. If you want anything even slightly off the beaten path OR you like good odds of finding even the mainstream stuff, go for eMule Plus.
  • Chances of gettin caught high but even if you do/have your not goin to get arrested for downloading 10 songs lol nothing will ever come of it. If you dont want viruses use good virus protection such as AV. If you do think you are vanurable to viruses you might be best using torrents as you can read comments about the download and often if it contatains a virus it will of been posted. Best program probably frostwire alot say limewire is dodgy but it all depends on your own tastes
  • 0 if you have a good anti virus like avast pro and such. as for being caught nothing will happen what they will come to your house and arrest you for downloading lime wire it might be just a kid who doesn't know anything about torrents..last thing i want to add is that lime wire pro is what i use for single torrents like songs but really its good for everything use lime wire pro but it depends on your style really.

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