• Read Genesis 22:1-18 to get the whole account accurately. He tested Abraham on obedience. If he sacrificed Isaac without hesitation, it would prove his willingness to obey God without knowing the reason why. Because Abraham did so, God provided the sacrificial ram in place of Isaac, his only son at that time. Ishmael was born later. Hope that answers your question.
  • As an exact rejoinder, I'd say that the answer right before mine is absolutely and technically sensible. Ishmael was never sacrificed, my dear; it was the lamb that was "paired" with Isaac. I think your REAL question does not dwell on the "Religious Sacrificial Ritual" which was done by Father Abraham in the Bible, but on the ancestral rivalry between the "LATER" descendants of Ishmael and Isaac. If you would rephrase that question into something like this, then you would know the reason why there are a lot of wars going around the "HOT SPOT" places of Israel down to the Middle East.....
  • Its vital. To quote myself: - The covenant is central to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. - The covenant was passed to one of Abraham's children. - Muslims believe that Ish'mael, not Isaac, was offered up as a sacrifice to God. - Muslims believe the Torah and Bible have been tampered with. - Failing to prove this would destroy Islam; successfully proving this would validate Islam and destroy both Christianity and Judaism. Here is a post that goes into it in more detail:
  • Isaac was the father of Jacob, the father of Joseph, so on. This line is carried down through King David. It is imperative for the Hebrews that Isaac was the one that was placed on the altar because this signifies that the descendants of Abraham through Isaac are the chosen people of God (although in the Qur'an and the Bible, neither Isaac nor Ishmael were sacrificed, but a ram was supplied in both cases). In the Bible Ishmael was sent off by Abraham before this event occurred because of Sarah's jeaolousy that Abraham had a son born outside of marriage to his slave, so that God's promise to Abraham of a great nation of God's chosen people would not apply to Ishmael's descendants. This is also very important to Christians, because Jesus is a descendant of David (through Isaac), and it is believed that the ram that was sacrificed is a sign of the sacrifice that Jesus would make on the cross for the atonement of all man's sins; so, in Christianity, it is through Jesus that we are the chosen children of God. The Qur'an holds that Ishmael was the one placed on the altar and that Muhammad and his Arab followers were the descendants of Ishmael; which would have made the Muslims the children of God. Others have already said this, but this is the cause of some strife between the three religions. The Jews and the Christians feel that Islam is warping God's Word for their benefit; and vice versa Islam believes that the Bible was already distorted by the Jews and Christians before Muhammad came along and that God corrected it with the Qur'an. This is a very hot topic between the religions because everything else rests on the true answer for this. If Isaac was on the altar, that means that Ishmael was rejected and that Islam is not the chosen people of God; and therefore is a false religion. If the Qur'an is correct, Isaac was not born yet and the Jews and Christians would not be included in God's promise of a great nation chosen by God; which would make them false religions. It is best to read both books, compare the validity of both teh Qur'an and the Bible and talk to leaders of both faiths so that you can come to an educated answer.
  • Ishmael was born to Abraham and Hagar, [Abrahams servant girl] with the approval of Sarah, because Sarah was by then too old to have children. And she wanted Abraham to have a son to leave his wealth to. however, God had other plans, and had the elderly Sarah fall pregnant with Isaac. Because Sarah was abraham's WIFE, Isaac became the proper heir. Then Hagar and Ishmael were banished. By ordering Abraham to sacrifice his ONLY LEGAl HEIR, God was testing Abraham's faith. In those early days, a Jews lineage was very important to them. A man's family line could only continue through proper marriage arrangements. Abraham and Hagar were not married.
  • I know you may not understand this , it took me a while. Ishamael was born of the flesh by a bondwoman,Hagar...Isaac was born through the PROMISE,by a Freewoman, Sarah.. Galatians3:29. ishmael was born under the Mount Sinai Covenant which answers to wordly Jerusalem . isaac was born under New Covenant Jerusalem(above, Heavenly)Hebrews 12:22 there is alot more to this allegory... but in the Muslim faith,Abraham was a prophet of Islam, the ancestor to Muhammed(so they claim) thru Ishmael.....Ishmael is not in the lineage of Christ.. God did not test Abraham of Ishmael...Isaac, the descendants were through Isaac...God had promised Abraham this and Abraham knew God would take care of it somehow in HIS PLAN, HE had FAITH,Hebrews 11:17..that God does what HE says....The Promise Genesis 17:15&16&19. Abraham had many children,but that does not mean they were of God, only those who believed in the Promise God made to ABRAHAM...Sarah's . Isaac was the SON OF PROMISE>>>.

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