• i have heard that you can stimulate hair growth on patchy areas by going over them witha a natural bristled brush (boar hair you can find these at walmart they usually come with a wooden back). it increases follicle circulation and stimulation. but also....some people just have problems groing hair in areas. my boyfriend is also very patchy. just work with what you have.
  • ...keep shaving and shaving AND SHAVING...
  • Shaving will help somewhat, but genetics will determine the outcome. I got my genes for facial hair from someone other than my father. He died at 69 and could never grow hair between his sideburns and his chin.
  • NOT MUCH may have some luck with those protein supplements that advertise to help with hair and nail growth......I tried them just for fun and my nails grew like perhaps even with those, our own bodies' genetic 'makeup' has something to do with it.......but the hair massage with a NATURAL BRISTLE BRUSH is also a good idea; just don't overdo it!! easy does it........don't press down on your scalp; just brush the hair and not your scalp, as this may irritate it........

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