• i did, and did lose some respect for them, the total loss of respect came when they slept with my ex.:)
  • I definitely would lose respect for them. I don't see any situation where cheating would be okay and it would make me feel that they weren't as trustworthy as I might have thought.
  • Yes. Hmmmm... now that you mention it I feel that's not a totally zenlike / loving / nonjudgmental / Christlike response, though. (Of course it's a terrible thing to do, but if my response to it is an angry-like judgmental feeling in the pit of my stomach then that's bad for me and closes possible doors to being a good influence on possible future situations.) I'm probably babbling.
  • Yes I would. I choose my friends carefully. One of the things most important to me is moral character. This is one of the biggest contributers to respect in the first place. To sacrifice one's honor in such a fashion is indicative of a SERIOUS character flaw. So yes indeed, I would lose respect for them. And they know this.
  • Birds of a feather, flock together. I would have serious issues with their behavior and may end the friendship over it. This is probably why I have no friends.
  • Most definitely! I would lose total trust in that person as a friend and a person. I treasure honesty, and this is not an honest person. If they are gonna do this to someone they are supposed to LOVE, what can they potentially do to me?
  • Probably a little because my best friend's spouse is a kind and loving man and I know she loves him. At least that is what I as an outsider to their marriage see. That wouln't end the friendship. I wouldn't turn my back on a long friendship because she made a mistake. Plus you never know maybe she has reasons I wouldn't understand without hearing her out. When my younger sister left her husband for another man (none of us knew that was part of her reason at the time) we all believed they had a relatively happy marriage. Turns out her husband was pretenting to work while she held down two jobs and took care of the kids. She was very unhappy but too embarased to tell anyone how bad things had gotten. I think sometimes, not always, but sometimes when a person cheats it is a call for help.
  • Yes..big time. That is a betrayal. Betrayal is my number-one dealbreaker. :(
  • No. It is out of character for both to cheat, so NO. Absolutely not. Now, if the person got me to promise not to tell, that would piss me off and I would probably feel insulted. They aren't dumb enough to make me promise such a thing, though, thankfully.
  • Sinceless, mindless cheating...YES! But it they fell for someone, and had an affair, then I would be disappointed, but not lose respect, so much. Things happen, and finger pointing is a dangerous thing.
  • I suppose it would depend upon the circumstances.
  • I would be "disappointed" in them,..maybe. But if it was a long friendship, I would not judge them personally, not knowing all the circumstances.
  • "Yes, I would to some sort of level till the resentment fades off!! It'll be a while though!! Why??!!"

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